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Unblock Facebook, Twitter, Youtube using Ultrasurf

Lately, I've been writing posts about unblocking blocked websites. There are many ways to access blocked content on internet. I was forced to discover these ways when government of Pakistan blocked youtube in 2012. Though youtube is now unblocked in Pakistan, I thought of sharing all these ways that I know for the greater good of all. One way to access blocked websites is by using a software called Ultrasurf. In this article I will show how you can unblock facebook, twitter, youtube using Ultrasurf software.

What is Ultrasurf?

Ultrasurf is a small software that can be used to unblock websites such as facebook, twitter, and youtube etc. Ultrasurf is a software developed by UltraReach Internet Corporation, USA. The software was originally developed for helping users in China break government imposed censorship and access internet freely. Ultrasurf has now users from over 180 countries and can be used by anyone in the world.

Useful Features of Ultrasurf

  • Free to use
  • No installation needed, just download and run!
  • No registration is required
  • Very difficult to block

The sad thing is Ultrasurf is only available for Windows operating system.

Unblock Facebook, Twitter, Youtube using Ultrasurf — A Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide is written for Windows 10. The process is similar for other versions of Windows.

  1. Go to Ultrasurf website and download the latest version of Ultrasurf software.

    Downloading Ultrasurf from Ultrasurf website
    Figure 1: Downloading Ultrasurf from Ultrasurf website

  2. A zip file will be downloaded. Locate the downloaded zip file. Windows 10 puts all files downloaded from internet in Downloads folder. Right click on the downloaded zip file and select Extract to option. If you don't find this option, this means you do not have Winrar installed in your PC. Winrar is a software that allows you to compress files and make archives. Windows also has builtin functionality that allows you to extract zip files.

    Extracting downloaded zip file
    Figure 2: Extracting downloaded zip file

  3. After extracting the zip file, there will be a new folder with the name "u" in the same location as of downloaded zip file. Open that folder and you will find an exe file. Double click on the exe file which will have a name starting with the letter u followed by four digits. The four digits indicate the version number. As of May 01, 2016 the latest version of Ultrasurf is 15.04. Thus in the figure 3, we can see the four digit number is 1504.

    Launching Ultrasurf
    Figure 3: Launching Ultrasurf

    Double clicking the exe file will launch Ultrasurf and Ultrasurf window will be like in figure 4. Wait a few moments while Ultrasurf connects to its server.

    Ultrasurf trying to connect to its servers
    Figure 4: Ultrasurf trying to connect to its servers

    After connecting with its server, Ultrasurf will automatically open Internet Explorer (Figure 5).

    After Ultrasurf connects to its server, it automatically opens Internet Explorer
    Figure 5: After Ultrasurf connects to its server, it automatically opens Internet Explorer

    There you can type address of any blocked website like facebook, twitter, youtube and Ultrasurf will open it for you. Ultrasurf displays the message: "Successfully connected to server" (see Figure 6) when connected with its server.

    Ultrasurf showing Successfully connected to server
    Figure 6: Ultrasurf showing Successfully connected to server

Settings for Firefox

If you use Firefox web browser then you would need to manually put local proxy in Firefox to use Ultrasurf with Firefox. It's not that difficult. Just follow these steps.

  1. Launch Firefox and click the menu button in the top right corner. Choose Options from the submenu.

    Click the menu and choose options
    Figure 7: Click the menu and choose options from the submenu

  2. Click the Advanced button. In the advanced panel, select Network tab. Lastly, in Connection section click Settings button (see Figure 8).

    Accessing Connection Settings dialog box in Firefox
    Figure 8: Accessing Connection Settings in Firefox

  3. A small window with title Connection Settings will open. Select the Manual proxy configuration radio button, and enter in HTTP proxy as and Port as 9666. Check mark the option Use this proxy server for all protocols. Click Ok.

    Entering in Ultrasurf proxy and port in Firefox Connection Settings
    Figure 9: Entering in proxy and port in Firefox Connection Settings

  4. Now to check if Firefox is correctly communicating with Ultrasurf software, put in the URL in Firefox address bar. If WhatismyIP website doesn't shows your real IP then it means everything is working fine. This way Ultrasurf would not let the internet websites know your true location.

    As seen in figure 10, my location is being shown as United States whereas I'm actually visiting that website from Pakistan.

    Opening to verify our setup
    Figure 10: Opening to verify our settings in Firefox

Settings for Chrome

There is no need of doing any settings in Chrome because Chrome uses Internet Explorer proxy settings which Ultrasurf automatically sets.

Exiting Ultrasurf

  1. To exit Ultrasurf, bring up the Ultrasurf window and click the Exit button.

    Exiting Ultrasurf
    Figure 11: Exiting Ultrasurf

    Ultrasurf will give you a warning (see Figure 12) that you are leaving ultra secure domain. Also you are given two options to Close IE and Exit and Keep IE and Exit. You can choose either one.

    Exit Warning
    Figure 12: Exit Warning

  2. If you were using Firefox web browser to browse web securely through Ultrasurf then you need to remove the local proxy and port that we set in the Firefox settings. Simply repeat steps 1 to 3 of above "Settings for Firefox" section and select No Proxy this time.

    Removing proxy and port set in Firefox
    Figure 13: Removing proxy and port set in Firefox

Wrap up

In this article we looked at unblocking Facebook, Twitter, Youtube using Ultrasurf. We downloaded Ultrasurf software through its official website, extracted the downloaded zip file and launched Ultrasurf. Additionally, we set Firefox to use Ultrasurf. No settings were made in Google Chrome web browser because Chrome uses system's proxy settings which Ultrasurf automatically sets.

If there was any problem following the tutorial feel free to post in the comments box below. I'm always here to help.

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